Type TH 001 tensometric level transmitter

TH 001 is designed for continuous level measurements of liquids that do not harm the outer stainless steel casing. TH 001 is especially suitable for applications in water treatment plants, water tanks and towers, etc.
The transmitter is installed by suspending on special bearer cable. An airing tube serves to supply the atmospheric pressure to the reference side of diaphragm.
The most important component in measurement precision is the tensometric sensor produced by the MOTOROLA company. It has the state-of the-art quality and contributes with an important part to the quality of the TH 001 tensometric level transmitter. A LUCAS-NOVA sensor with isolating stainless steel diaphragm is used in the contaminated environment applications.
Following several experiences we have improved the sensor and converter enclosure design so that the leaking of the immersed sensor is impossible. Every tensometric level transmitter produced is subjected to a 48- hours pressure test under the maximum allowable load of tensometric sensor. The protecting cap which protects the diaphragm against mechanical damage can be unscrewed allowing the removal of the eventual deposits created after long-time operation.

Technical specifications:
Maximum measuring range (scaleable)0 - 30m
Measurement precision± 0,25%
Supply voltage8 - 35V jednosmerných
Output signal4 - 20mA, 0 - 20mA, 0 - 1V, 0 - 5V,
Operational temperature0 - 70°C
Connectiontwo-wire, three-wire
Materialstainless steel
Dimensionsdiameter=29mm, length=100mm
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