HS 12 - contact limit level switch

The regulation of pumps or other devices in dependence of the monitored liquid level is one of the most wide-spread methods of control.
The TENSOTERMA Company has developed the contact limit level switch HS-12 - a device with the very large versatility and robustness which is proper for the processes with very hard conditions. The instrument is based on the high frequency principle - damping of high frequency circuit in presence of the liquid. The change is electronically evaluated in the switch itself The switch output transistor with an open collector enables switching the appropriate relay which is a part of control.

The contact switch has following features
  • galvanic isolation from measured medium - no mechanical stress
  • simple assembly
  • non-sensitivity to aggressive environment and contamination
  • possibility of connection to the existing evaluation and control systems - low price

Technical specifications:
Supply voltage12 - 24V DC
Outputopen collector - direct and inverted 0,2A; 24V
Dimensionsczlinder with 50mm diameter and 50mm height
MaterialSilon, PVC
Mountingsuspension wiht the wieght, mechanical fixation
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