DTT 001 - diferential tensometric pressure transmitter

DTT 001 The DTT 001 differential pressure transmitter differs from standard pressure transmitter produced by TENZOMETRA company only in mechanical design, which allows the connection of sensor to two separate pressure measuring points. The principle of level measurement by differential method allows to measure the head of water also when an additional process pressure is applied on the liquid. By ensuring that on the diaphragm reference side only the process pressure will impose and on the measuring side the hydrostatic and process pressures will impose together, we obtain the mutual compensation of process pressure and the tensometric sensor will respond only to the hydrostatic pressure. The DTT 001 ěs very often used in heatěng systems. The maximum operational temperature is limited by the MOTOROLA tensometric sensor used. The manufacturer recommends an operational temperature up to 85 °C with an absolute maximum 125 °C. At the higher process temperatures we recommend to separate the device and the measuring point mechanically using an appropriate interconnecting capillary (ca 1/2 m). Due to this arrangement a temperature gradient will be created and an acceptable temperature of the liquid acting on the tensometric sensor will be achieved.
The DTT 001 difference pressure transmitter can be also used for the flow measurement on the basis of the pressure difference before and after the orifice in the piping. When working with difference pressure transmitters be careful during the assembly or disassembly of tensometric sensor not to damage the diaphragm. We are able to adjust the mechanical terminals of the difference pressure transmitter at the customers request. If necessary we provide the assembly, warranty and post-warranty service.

Technical specifications:
Maximum operational pressure1MPa
Maximum diferential pressure0 - 300kPa
Measurement precision± 0,25%
Supply voltage8 - 40V DC
Offset and gain temperature compensation0 - 85°C
Output signal4 - 20mA, 0 -20 mA, 0 - 1V, 0 - 5V
Operational temperature0 - 85°C
Connectiontwo-wire, three-wire
Materialstainless steel
Dimensionsdiameter = 29mm, length = 100mm
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