History of company fathom to times of former Czechoslovakia, when no hope that one time it will be possible to pay interesti on "enterprise" in proffesion which facilitate "firm" evolve their abilities.

This will be done after year 1989. We didn't take fright of initial proglems, which is ever on begins. Enthusiasm for good thing take it fruit soon in form of our successes. Our new products have been reliable, but also far cheaper than competitors had. Mainly reliability and price availability is appreciate for smaller subscribers, which propritietor of firm regard as good as big enterprises with renowned name. His job is from begining his hobby too. Therefore he never remorse time and effor invested in client.

Our firm get big emphasis on image, which is presented pleasant helpfulnes from all employes. From begins ther is no fluctuation. Employes works here with heat and love. They do a little work extra for preservation goodwill. Employes is full identifies with filozofy of company - to be the best in trust and to be fastest in market.

Company steadily spread it's manufactury program. It is necessary becouse of quantity of competition and possibilites of sale. Active co-operatrion with out customers is very asset for us. Thus it is possible to develop new brainwalves and topics, which is base for out new products. Main and nasal program is measuring level of liqids, pressure, flow of contaminated waters, temperature, and quantity of air per time. However, development offers soultions for broad spectrum of individual demands relate to measurement and regulation various technological processes.

In present, we are harbouring to wide enforcement out of Slovak republic. We want to be known and sought-after abroad too. Our reliability and low price of our products is big precondition of that.

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