- over ten articles
- over twenty articles10%
Special cable with tube XZEAP - 1 meter2 EUR
Tensometric level transmitter TH001172 EUR
Tensometric level transmitter TH002 - stainless membrane227 EUR
Tensometric pressure transmitter TT001172 EUR
Tensometric pressure transmitter - stainless membrane227 EUR
NIVOFIX: measurement of aggresive liquids206 EUR
NIVOFIX-D: continous measurement of level difference244 EUR
Registration flow-meter BUBBLE-FLOW534 EUR
Diferential tenzometric transmitter DTT001183 EUR
Ohmic transducer OP 01 5-105ohm22 EUR
HF contact limit level switch HS-1223 EUR
HF contact limit level switch HS-1443 EUR
HF contact limit level switch HS-1352 EUR
Temperature probe: ambient air design TSV10053 EUR
Temperature probe: immersion design TSP10076 EUR
Temperature probe TSJ10081 EUR
Temperature probe: separated design TSR10081 EUR
Display feed from current loop UNI 07 (4-20mA)56 EUR
Airflow switch VS-01125 EUR
Speed probe VQM-01 - measurement of velocity of flow air344 EUR
UZMET: measurement of ground resistance297 EUR
Flow-meter of liquids DHV 01: without measurement manger, installation included1580 EUR
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